OSM Alumni


A network of OSM graduates, people who know where you've come from and who can help you get where you want to be. Keep up to date with what’s going on in our network through our website and social media channels. Wherever you are working or living, there are excellent opportunities for you to connect with fellow alumni, both virtually and physically.

Keep your contact details up to date to enjoy our alumni benefits on offer:

  • Connect with classmates or find new contacts
  • Refresh your learning by making use of our online resources on our relaunched OSM website and enjoy special rates on our CPD courses
  • Tap into a wide alumni network by becoming active on one of our interest groups
  • Keep up to date and debate current trends in our sector through our interest groups and via LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook
  • Build and maintain your networks by joining our LinkedIn Group
  • Enjoy regular alumni news updates and blogs via our website
  • Attend our annual CThA accredited alumni CPD event (5 credits) free of charge

We want our alumni to be OSM’s greatest advocates and supporters. We will rely on you to assist with our events and activities, and to help maintain OSM as a centre of excellence for holistic massage.

We are keen to grow our supporter base with our talented alumni graduates. Volunteering your time strengthens your link to OSM’s network and provides you with opportunities to continuously develop your professional and personal skills. We would welcome the interest of alumni across all OSM’s courses and events.


Alumni have numerous opportunities during the year to network  with other alumni 


  • CPD courses
  • Participating in OSM’s open day


  • A model for examinations
  • Helping us with new student induction by sharing your experiences
  • Agreeing to be a student mentor

Sharing and engaging:

  • Getting involved through our social media channels online, see below.
  • Become a ‘blogger’ on our website
  • Email


As a volunteer, you will receive first-rate support from OSM to ensure a positive and rewarding experience.

We want to develop a strong online presence and offer interesting content to our alumni through Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook and our website. We encourage you to, share and engage via our social media channels to help increase the reach of information to our alumni network.

We need you to help us highlight the success of our alumni network.  Share your success, or the success of your former classmates. We are also interested in hearing from alumni with a talent for blog writing.

One of the easiest ways you can offer your support is to connect with prospective students, current students or fellow alumni via email.  You might answer questions about career development, share your specific industry experience or be asked to offer insights on studying at OSM.

By way of a thank you, we will provide an annual CPD event in March, CThA accredited and tailored to the needs of our alumni, which we will be free to attend, and provide you with 5 CPD marks, together with an opportunity to socialise over a drink at the end of the event with OSM tutors.

We look forward to working together.

Sarah Toplis
School Principal