Holistic & Therapeutic Massage Diploma

The Oxford School of Massage offers an accredited Holistic & Therapeutic Massage Diploma whose syllabus concentrates on teaching a unique massage routine that gives equal attention to the well being of both the giver and receiver of a massage. Our 18 month course which follows the guidelines laid down by the General Council for Massage Therapies provides high quality massage training that enables our students, once qualified, to practice massage professionally both in the UK and overseas.

We do not teach a series of sterile routines that treat everyone in the same way. At all times the receiver is a whole person, not a collection of components in need of 'repair'. Our classes teach students how to look after themselves so the treatment they give can be of great benefit to both parties. There is an emphasis on movement and rhythm, which leaves the giver feeling energised and the receiver with a great sense of relaxation and well being.

Next Course - September 2019
Cost - £1950.00
Tutors - Sarah Toplis
Duration - September 2019 - May 2021

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Please click on the link below to watch the various elements of our stress reducing massage routine:

Holistic & Therapeutic Massage Diploma Routine

Our classes are small in number to ensure that everybody receives the individual time and attention they need. As a result places are in high demand.

Courses take place on Wednesday mornings and Thursday evenings. One to one tuition is also available, please contact us by phone for further details.
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