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I really enjoyed the OSM Holistic & Therapeutic Massage course, the tutors were great and extremely helpful and knowledgeable and the class was excellent.  I passed with distinction and I was incredibly pleased with that result. I know this was from a lot of hard work on my part, but it was also testament to the teaching and attentiveness of the tutors in the classroom that helped me achieve that result.  I really feel that I can now go out and practice massage confidently, especially after doing the case studies, these were hard work, but invaluable in building the confidence I need to go out and start my own massage business.  I thoroughly recommend this course to anyone wanting to become a massage therapist.
"I really enjoyed the course and strongly feel I chose the right course for me. I learned so much and definitely feel I have been well-trained on many levels."
As a tutor you were "incredibly professional in your approach to the delivery of the syllabus, maintenance of OSM/professional standards, ethics and meeting customer expectations. You created and crafted a team and environment, where we could open up, where you got the best out of us, recognising the diversity in the group and successfully modelled the behaviours expected."
"I feel more confident within myself and more understanding towards other people - people around me now see the same person, but with extra qualities and probably a person who they feel they can confide in."
"Something that struck me about all my volunteers was how enjoyable they found it, even the very early ones. This was encouraging and deepened my respect for the therapy."
"The actual course was a real eye-opener for me. The surprising aspects were the people on the course. In the past, any course I have done has always seemed to have a competitive nature and small cliquey groups within the course and often some resentment. I think it must be a reflection on the type of people who choose to take the course, and the teaching and structure of the course, that this was never the case."
"What I was totally unprepared for was the journey of self-discovery during this year and the changes bought about by this. The support and help received from my tutor and others in the group helped all along the way. Although it has been a year of hard work, it has been well worth the sacrifices and commitment involved ... and I feel I have moved on and found contentment and an inner peace."

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